Class Levels
- Begin Class : suitable for beginner, learn about basic in each dance style
- Regular Class : suitable for who have good basic in each dance style and hope to develop to be professional
- Professional Class : suitable for professional dancers who have high skill levels and want more practice for develop owner dance styles.
- Private Class : suitable for 1-2 persons in each class who want to practice in private with professional teacher, for examination in higher levels or competitions or personal training in other events for your organization, etc.


the exploration of the total movement potential of the body.

Contemporary dance had been developed from Ballet. It's break all rules of ballet and emphazie about free spirits and relaxing movement for express owners. This style isn't required formats, in class ususlly learn about floor exersices, contraction and release, movements below the gravity, etc and about contemporary teacher's style


Rigorous technique, flowing and precise movements and etherreal qualities.

Our ballet classes is open for everyone. Our sylibus focus on techniques, strength and actually many usefully movements for owners based on indeed ballet's techniques.


Energy and encourages individual style

Movement is sharp and fun. based on Jazz Dance techinques and express personal emotional feeling. Nowaday Jazz Dance have many styles, so can select which favorite styles.


Empower flexibility and strength of body for dancing

Fundamental part of any workout, improving flexibility, so that's you can apply for many dance styles.


New form of dancing that combined beats, sounds, and gravity-defying moves

Intergated fitness approach that focuses on developing the stabilization muscles, concentration on isolations each part of body.


Imagination created creative movement.

An art form whose medium is the human body, basic elements of dance are body and its different parts and many of movements, space, time, energy and imagination based on Contemporary Dance and Ballet movement , point at imagination created movements and pratice childrens focusing.

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